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Luxury flats in Delhi will come at the cost of Mukesh’s wife Nita Ambani’s lipstick, knowing the price

Whenever the issue of rich people of the country comes up, the name of Mukesh Ambani, the biggest businessman in India, comes at the top of the list. Mukesh Ambani has gained a lot of money, name, honor and fame in his life. For this reason, everyone knows Mukesh Ambani very well at present. Mukesh Ambani has achieved everything he wanted to do so far in his life.

Now he has only one dream left. That is, he wants to be the richest man in the world as well as in India. This is why Mukesh Ambani’s wealth is increasing day by day. Mukesh Ambani has so much money that he can buy whatever he wants. For this reason, all the members of Mukesh Ambani’s family spend their lives in luxury.

When it comes to the Ambani family’s way of life, the house owner and Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani tops the list. Nita Ambani likes to live a very luxurious life. This is why Nita Ambani is always a topic of discussion on social media. Nita Ambani is known for leading an expensive and luxurious life.

Nita Ambani has become a hot topic on social media these days due to the price of her lipstick. The thing is, the lipstick that Nita Ambani uses is worth more than 6 million. Luxury flats can be found in a city like Delhi for so much money. This is why Nita Ambani has become a topic of discussion on social media.

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