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Lover’s love letter written by Kusum on viral 10 taka note in a storm like this all over social media

Nowadays more or less people use social media. There are different types of posts every day. People try to express their thoughts through posts on social media. However, it is difficult to say when a post will go viral. But recently a post has gone viral.

In fact, a strange message on 10 taka note has gone viral on social media. This message is being shared by social media users. Netizens are enjoying that message. As you may remember, a few years ago, the message “Sonam Gupta is unfaithful” written on a 10 taka note went viral very quickly.

A picture of such a 10 taka note is going viral on the internet again. Above which is written a strange message. Storm speeds are being shared on various social media platforms. Looking at the viral image, it seems that a woman named Kusum is trying to run away with her boyfriend Vishal because her marriage to someone else has been fixed on April 26. She wrote the message for her boyfriend to save her from this marriage. He chose the 10 taka note to convey the message.

Kusum writes of her boyfriend’s intentions: “Big, I’m getting married on April 27th. Please take me with you. I love you Your darling, Kusum. ” Let me tell you, the note was shared on Twitter at an account called ip vipul2777. Now this love letter written by Kusum may or may not reach her boyfriend Vishal. However, this love letter is rapidly going viral and has reached various social media sites. Countless memes are being made around it and netizens are reacting to it.

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