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Leaving his job in America and returning to the village, this great idea has set up a company worth Rs 42,000 crore today!

All new entrepreneurs try to increase their strength and ensure more success through venture capital. But there are some people who have completely different thoughts and who choose different paths to move forward. We are talking about Sridhar Vembu, who achieved a different position through software under the banner of his company called Advent Net.


The company’s productivity set is a well-known name in the Zoho software industry to millions of people around the world. The total revenue of the company in 2019 was Rs 3,308 crore. Sridhar’s life is full of inspiration, starting from a simple stage he has risen to the billion dollar club without any venture capital. Sridhar Vembur spent his childhood in a middle class family in Chennai. He was educated in a Tamil medium government school.

He was very good in studies and later he completed his education from IIT Madras. He wanted to study electronics, but finished his studies in computer science. Wembu did not qualify for a PhD at his institute, so he earned a doctorate in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1989.

Sridhar Vembu

After completing his PhD, he returned to India with his US-based brother and started an adventure software called Advent Net. A few months later, they had 150 customers, but in 2000 they faced many problems and decided to change to something new and unique.

ZOHO was born out of this revolutionary change. Zoho is selling Zoho office suits through the internet. Due to which he has got revenue of Rs 500 crore. Zoho competes with Salesforce’s customer relationship management software and Google Docs. Zoho currently serves millions of successful business owners and has over 50 million users

Sridhar Vembu

Zoho is offering free customer relationship management services for small companies and only $ 10 per month for large companies. This Indian entrepreneur has achieved so much fame and success in a short time, but the famous American entrepreneur Mark Benioff, the founder of Salesforce, tried to buy Zoho by threatening him; But they did not succeed.

“Google is a monster and you can’t even compete with it,” Mark said. That’s why I said it has to scare Google, I have to do better than Salesforce so I can survive. “

Sridhar Vembu

Today, Zoho is the world’s most successful company with 6 billion, 50 million users, 45+ apps in almost every major business segment, 9,000 employees and approximately 11 offices worldwide. Has been running his global company since.

Not only that, he has been providing free education to poor and disadvantaged children for the last one year. Created. Sridhar’s thoughts and achievements are truly inspiring to the younger generation.

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