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Learn What is Heat Wave? What is the way to escape from his hands?

Today is the 8th of May, ending in the month of April. People have to face unbearable heat. If it rains a little for 2/3 days, the temperature decreases slightly. However, the amount of heat before the rain was extreme. Earlier it was seen that summer started from April and it was very hot in May-June. But over the years, the heat wave has begun to intensify since March.

Not only India but the whole world is facing this crisis of climate change. Alerts are being issued from the meteorological department of different regions. Today through this article we will know some information about heat flux and how to avoid heat flux.

What is heat flow?

If the hot temperature is maintained for too many days, the heat flow increases. Heat flux is the difference between the normal temperature of a place and the actual temperature. The meteorological department said that if the temperature in the plains is more than 40 degrees Celsius and in the hilly areas it is more than 30 degrees Celsius, the heat flux will start increasing.

Some easy ways to avoid heatstroke

1) Drink plenty of water

Water plays a vital role in keeping our body hydrated and cool. So you need to drink more water.

2) Try to avoid the heat of the sun as much as possible

You need to use an umbrella to protect yourself from the heat of the sun outside. If it is possible to cover face, hands, head in hot weather, then it should be done. If you do not need to leave the house will be better.

3) Children or pets should not be allowed to go out in the sun

Do not allow children and pets to go out in the sun in summer. Keep them at home. And keep it in a cool place. They also need to drink a lot more water.

4) You have to take care of these special things when you go out.

When you go out, you should wear full body covered clothes to protect yourself from the heat of the sun or you should cover it with a scarf. Use sunscreen and eyeglasses. And the umbrella must always be carried with you.

5) Hardworking national work

If you work harder in this sun, there is a possibility of headaches, dizziness and sunstroke. So it is better not to work hard in the sun.

What to do and what to eat if you accept the heat?

1) You have to drink lemon juice.
2) Green vegetable soup should be eaten.
3) Drink a mixture of mint leaves and coriander leaves.
4) Ampanna sherbat should be consumed.
5) Fry the onion, grind it with ordinary onion, mix it with cumin powder and sugar and eat it.

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