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Lack of money Maggie ate the day, today this man is one of the all-rounders in Indian cricket, the owner of 60 million rupees

‘Cricket game’ is a passion among the fans in our country. It is not just a game, it involves the love and soul of many. It can also be called an assembly because the game of cricket brings everyone together, big or small. The Indian Premier League, the largest cricket league in the country, is held in our country. Cricket fans are a little more emotional about this year’s IPL festival. Because, this time 2 new teams have participated in IPL and only 2 new teams are performing better than old teams in IPL.

It is a great thing that the two new teams in the IPL are being led by two young Indian cricketers. One of which is Hardik Pandya. Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya is leading the newcomers to the 15th edition of the IPL in the Gujarat Titans. Interestingly, the Gujarat team under his leadership is at the top of the points table.
His team, led by Hardik Pandya, is in the headlines these days. His cricket career was a resounding success. However, he had to struggle a lot in life to achieve this success. Speaking about his struggling days, Hardik Pandya said in an interview that he used to eat Maggie before and after the game to maintain his diet due to financial constraints.

He added that he did not have all the equipment for Pactis and would continue to practice by borrowing. Her father was the source of income for them in their childhood. However, his father supported his two sons as much as possible in addition to running the household.
Talking about his life struggle, Hardik Pandya said that he now lives a luxurious life. He has made a lot of money in his cricket career. At present luxury houses, luxury cars are all with him, there is nothing to say about lack. He has so far earned Rs 70 crore in his career. Admittedly, his struggle is an inspiration to young people from where he is today. This all-rounder is very successful in Indian cricket.

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