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Knowing her son’s problem, the mother kicked him out of the house, today he is the first transgender pilot in the country

No mother is bigger than her child. The child’s laughter-cry is the mother’s laughter-cry. Even for a child, his mother’s love is the last love in the world. The sweet relationship between mother and child cannot be separated by any power in the world. For this reason, mother is also called the goddess of love. But in today’s special post, I am going to introduce you to a mother who is called ‘Mother’. In fact, one parent hid their child from their identity. Because, they found out their child is a transgender. His parents rejected their child. Now this child is the pride of our country, let us tell you the details about this innocent child.

I tell you, the name of this innocent child is Adam Harry. Who has become the pride of our country for his work. He has shown through his actions that nothing is impossible. This makes Adam Harry the first ‘transgender pilot’ in the country. When his parents find out that their child is a transgender, they throw him out of the house. It even sever all ties with him, which can be called a kind of ‘rejection son’. Then he had to go through many crises. Although he did not give up, he took the initiative to do something in life.

Especially since his childhood dream was to become a pilot. For this he took a test of private pilot’s license. And he also got a 2017 license in Johannesburg. There was a time when he could not afford to pay for his education. He had to go through many financial crises. He also had to work in various shops to pay for his education. Although people did not like this thing. Yet he never thought of failure. He continued on his way without listening to anyone. She sought help from the Department of Social Justice when she needed financial help. And he was instructed to join the Asian Academy Society.

According to sources, Adam was getting a helping hand from the state government when he was facing a severe financial crisis. And the Kerala government, seeing his hard work and initiative, got a nomination from the social justice department for about Rs 22.4 lakh. This help makes her dream come true. And he managed to become a commercial pilot. He overcame people’s hatred and various obstacles and finally fulfilled his dream. This achievement is the pride of our country even after he was rejected as a transgender person.

What is the reason behind his success? When asked, he said.
There was a time when I was lonely and society did not like me. I even had to keep my identity secret. Those days still haunt me like a nightmare. Although I am now the first privately licensed transgender pilot in the country. I was tortured a lot in my childhood. As a transgender person, I was considered as a girl and you know very well what the current society sees as a girl. When I was playing with a toy car as a child, I thought of a Hawaiian ship. Fortunately, my dream has come true today.

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