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Kiara Adhwani was forced to change her name because of Salman Khan

It is not easy to get a chance in Bollywood and make your place there. Every day many actors and actresses struggle to work in Bollywood. But they just have to face failure. Again, some people can’t make a place in Bollywood even after getting a job.

But today we are going to talk about an actress who has struggled since 2014 and has made her name in the list of popular Bollywood actresses. The actress is Kaira Adhwani. Kaira Adhwani started her career in 2014 with the film “Fagli”.

However, the film hung on early in his career as it proved to be a flop at the box office. He then played the role of Dhoni’s wife in the supporting role in the movie MS Dhoni. Although the movie was a hit, Kaira did not gain much popularity as a side character through the film.

After Kaira MS Dhoni, when she was not getting such a job in Bollywood, she also acted in some Southern movies. But even there he could not achieve such success. But after many flop movies, Kaira did not give up. And the saying goes, “The fruit of waiting is always sweet.”

After a long wait, Kaira got an offer of the film that changed her life. The film was “Kabir Singh” by Sandeep Reddy Bhanga. The film proved to be a super-hit at the box office. And since this film, Kyra’s name has been added to the list of popular actresses.

After Kabir Singh, most of Kaira’s films have proved to be box office hits. Such as- Gud News, Lakshi, Sershah etc. There are also a few more Kyra movies coming out that are expected to be hits. Such as- Bhulbhulaiya-2, Govinda Nam Mera, Yug Yug Geo etc.

However, very few people know that Kaira Adhwani’s real name is Alia. Nini changed her name to Kaira so that there would not be two actresses named Alia in Bollywood. He made this known to everyone through an interview.

He said that famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan had suggested him to change his name. Salman said that an actress named Alia has made a name for herself in the industry. So you change your name to something else. So that there is no problem with the name later.

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