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KGF Chapter Two broke the lifetime record of Bahubali

KGF Chapter 2, starring Southern superstar Yash, has been a huge success at the box office. The film continues to set records at the box office. In a recent interview, Yash said that people used to treat his father badly. But now after the success of his film, people’s attitude towards his father and family has also changed a lot.

Yash says about the success of the film, no matter what else, only your fans will love you. They buy tickets and come to the cinema to watch your movie on the screen. Then leaves. But they do not see the religion and caste community. Yash further said that earlier his family members were surrounded by fake people. Who only lived by his family in good times. But bad times really did show up.

When Yash was asked the question, how to deal with failure? He answered the question, “Failure will come.” But without failure there is no success. Before, many people treated my parents very badly. Now those people claim to be close to our family. Their behavior has also changed a lot.

Manobala Vijayabalan shared a post on social media informing everyone that KGF Chapter Two (KGF Chapter 2) has been created with a budget of Rs 100 crore. In just 7 days, he has earned Tk 8.60 crore. It has become the eighth highest grossing Indian film of all time. The income from Prabhas’ arm sacrifice was 750 crore rupees. KGF Chapter 2 left him too.

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