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Keep these 6 trees indoors to keep the house cool this summer

People are overwhelmed by the heat. The temperature mercury is gradually rising. Cooler e is now the mainstay of most homes in this situation. But the big problem with using this cooler is the hefty electric bill at the end of the month. But today, through this report, we will tell you a way to get rid of this heat so that the environment will be green and no electricity bill will be required.

There are many plants that not only provide oxygen and greenery but also provide a cool feeling. So if you plant these trees on your veranda then you will get cool feeling. Let’s learn about all those trees.

Aloe vera

• Aloe vera.

Aloe vera has many medicinal properties. This plant is used in making various medicines. Aloe vera is especially beneficial for hair and skin. There are no side effects to using it. Also its special feature is that if you plant this tree on your veranda then it helps to cool the environment around the veranda.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant.

If you plant this tree on the veranda of the house then it increases the oxygen supply and also helps in cooling the weather of the house.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm.

This plant has a special ability to retain natural moisture. If you plant this tree in your house in summer, then the weather in the house will be much colder.



This plant is especially useful for providing oxygen. Also the cool weather around the tree makes it special.

Dracaena Fragrans

Dracaena Fragrans.

This plant is especially capable of retaining moisture. It also provides coolness as well as fragrance.

Baby Rubber

Baby Rubber.

If this tree is planted on the veranda of the house then it will provide cool feeling as well as freshness. You don’t even have to use a cooler for anyone.

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