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Kashmiri Shah tried 14 times to get pregnant but failed, following Salman’s advice is now the mother of twins

Kashmira Shah is a well known Bollywood actress and model who was once a contestant on Bigg Boss Show. Kashmira Shah is always talked about because of her strong personality and bold style. At the same time, actress Kashmir is seen in the headlines for her personal life more than her career. Recently, Kashmiri has been in the news again for her daring photoshoot. Her husband Krishna Abhishek shared her picture on social media.

Actress Kashmiri married Krishna for the second time. That means this is his second marriage. Her first husband was Brad Listerman. The couple later divorced in 2006. After living with Krishna for several years, Kashmiris got married again in 2013. Their love story started from the photo set of Pappu Pass Ho Gaya. The two spent a lot of time together after the shooting. This is how they once came very close to each other.

But life in Kashmir has not been easy.
The actress had to face many big challenges in her life. In fact, Kashmiris have had to fight a lot to get pregnant since their marriage. At one time he had many physical problems. Kashmiris and Krishna resorted to IVF techniques because they were not normally pregnant. But that effort failed.

In an interview, Kashmiri said that she had tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant about 14 times. Later, actor Salman Khan suggested surrogacy to him. Which proved to be very effective for him. According to Salman, Krishna and Kashmiris resorted to surrogacy. They had twin children in 2016, after which happiness and peace returned to their lives. They named their twin sons Ryan and Krishanka.

Kashmiris further said that “my waist increased from 24 to 32 when I was pregnant. This stage was very painful for me. But I did not give up. Meanwhile, people are starting to comment that I’m not pregnant for the figure, but that’s not the case. I tried my best to get pregnant. “

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