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Kareena Kapoor beats Mukesh Ambani in luxury, leaves 4 workers to take care of two children

Bollywood actresses Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are currently on a family tour. Kareena’s birthday is coming soon. So on this occasion Kareena-Saif went on holiday with their sons Taimur Ali Khan and Zeh.

However, according to reports, Kareena has taken two nanny with her for her two children. And the most surprising thing is that she has paid millions of rupees for this income. The thing is that Kareena became a mother for the second time a few months ago. His second child is Jeh. Kareena’s work schedule is such that she cannot always be with her baby.

Even the father of the child i.e. SAF has the same condition. So Kareena has 4 staff for her children. According to reports, Kareena pays Rs 1.50 lakh a month to her eldest son Taimur’s nanny. And when Aya has to work overtime, Kareena gives him Rs 1.75 lakh.

You too must have seen a nanny wearing a white shirt and denim with Kareena-Saif’s eldest son Timur. Who always took care of Taimur Ali Khan. They are paid more than Rs. 150,000 per month for this work. The salary that Kareena pays to the babysitter is not even that of an IT professional, not even an engineer.

“My child’s happiness and safety are of no value,” Kareena said on a show. Aya was also given a car. In doing so, he took Taimur and Jeh for a walk. The Ayyar name of Taimur is Savitri. However, the work of a nanny is not easy. They have to take care of everything from feeding the baby to bathing.

Not only this, with the help of health care children can take care of their own health. The nanny of Kareena’s children is always seen with a clean face. Her clothes are very clean. She always stays with the kids so they don’t get hurt. Even when Kareena went to the Maldives to celebrate Saif’s birthday last month, she took her sons’ nanny with her. Even when Kareena went abroad, she took the babysitter with her.

According to reports, Kareena has hired these children from an agency in Juhu for her children. These companies hire celebrities to take care of their children. Apart from Saif-Karina, his sister Soha Ali Khan also hired a nanny from here for her daughter. Now Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have left with their two sons to celebrate Kareena’s 41st birthday. Aya Savitri was seen holding Jeh Ali Khan in her arms.

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