Jeff Bezos’ Room Journey Prospects to 60K Persons Inquiring to Deny His Return

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. SAUL LOEB/AFP by way of Getty Pictures

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is going to space in less than a month as Blue Origin’s initial passenger. The excursion is supposed to be only a number of minutes extensive at an altitude just beyond Earth’s atmosphere. But a great deal of persons already really don’t want him again. Multiple web petitions looking for to deny Bezos’s re-entry to Earth have collected tens of countless numbers of signatures in the months because he declared the huge vacation.

A frontrunner, titled “Do not enable Jeff Bezos to return to Earth,” launched on two weeks back, has gathered a lot more than 44,000 signatures. “Billionaires need to not exist,” the description browse. “On Earth, or in place, but really should they choose the latter they should stay there.”

A similar petition launched all over the exact same time has obtained around 20,000 signatures. “Jeff Bezos is really Lex Luthor, disguised as the supposed owner of a super prosperous on the internet retail shop. Even so, he’s really an evil overlord hellbent on world domination,” wrote the petition’s organizer, Jose Ortiz. “It’s the only way they’ll permit him to go away the atmosphere. In the meantime, our authorities stands by and lets it come about.”

The momentum has even sparked surprising fascination in some definitely bizarre campaigns. A trending petition on this week, backed by over 11,000 signatures, is contacting for Bezos to order and eat the “Mona Lisa.” The petition was developed over a yr in the past but did not start out capturing consideration till not too long ago.

“Amazon was in the headlines again, and we commenced conversing about how Jeff Bezos ought to buy the Mona Lisa, just since he has the revenue to do it, mainly because that would make a substantial assertion,” the petition’s organizer, Kane Powell, told Vice in an interview.

An additional aged petition that has resurfaced lately is calling Bezos to pay back off Puerto Rico’s nationwide personal debt. “Puerto Rico has a $74 billion dollar credit card debt,” the description examine. “Jeff Bezos  can fork out that in full and nevertheless be just one of the world’s richest gentlemen.” The campaign has collected more than 3,000 signatures.

Bezos is established to trip on Blue Origin’s maiden crewed flight on July 20 aboard a New Shepard rocket. The rocket has been examined more than a dozen occasions but under no circumstances with a passenger on board.

Bezos will be flying along with his more youthful brother, Mark Bezos, a person auction winner who just lately bought a seat on the flight for $28 million, and an unnamed fourth crew member.

Over 60,000 People Signed Petitions to Deny Jeff Bezos’ Return to Earth