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Jarin Khan is going to be the wife of the house soon, he is going to get married to this contestant of Bigg Boss

Zarin Khan is one of the hot and glamorous actresses in the Bollywood film industry. She is also very beautiful to look at. He has won the hearts of the fans with his great performance. However, the actress has been talking a little more about her personal life than her professional life. He is often seen in the lime light of the camera.

Recently, a heated discussion has started about the relationship between Jarin and her boyfriend. His fans are desperate to know the final verdict on Jarin’s relationship. So the actress has made headlines again. Please note,

Actress Jarin was a contestant on Bigg Boss Season 12. The actress with whom he is in a relationship is Shivashish Mishra. He was also a competitor. They have been dating for almost a year. Besides, the photo of the two of them together has also gone viral on social media. In some pictures, the two have been seen chatting. Ever been seen spending close moments again. There are a lot of likes in the pictures.

Their closeness has made the fans very curious. Fans remember their marriage. So fans are now eager to know the answer. However, Jarin himself has given the answer to the fans. He said he did not want to get married so soon. His thoughts are a little different. He does not believe in marriage stamps, because now marriage relationships are often broken. So he believes in being with each other.

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