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Jacket AC has hit the market, now you will feel cool in the hot sun, just charge, wear and wherever you are.

There are many reports of power crisis in northern India due to extreme heat. There are many people who have to go out in the sun to earn money. As soon as this sun falls on the body, it seems that someone has started a fire. Technology has created a variety of things for human comfort. Nothing is impossible for you if you have money.

At home or in the office, people keep themselves cool in the cooler air. But today we will talk about something that will not harm you in the sun after wearing it. Here we are talking about air conditioner jacket (Jacket AC) which can bring you a lot of comfort in hot weather.

How will the jacket air conditioner (Jacket AC) relieve?

On the Amazon app, you can find air conditioner jackets (AC jackets) on offer. Which looks like a normal jacket. The price of this jacket on Amazon is $ 39.98, which is about 3059 rupees in Indian currency. This jacket is very stylish to look at and you will also find different sizes in its alternative. You will also find some colors of this jacket on Amazon.

However, most people only buy light colored jackets. Wearing this jacket in the sun, you will not feel the heat of the sun on your body. Now let us know what is the specialty of this air conditioner jacket. This jacket will be battery powered which you can use for a long time after charging. It has two large ventilation fans that will free you from the heat.

The biggest feature of this jacket is that you can wear it even when you go to the gym. This jacket with air conditioning can prove to be very good for sports. The company has done all the testing after making this jacket and the company guarantees that people will not get in trouble after wearing it.

Just don’t go into the water after this jacket. Because its battery power can be lost. When you buy a jacket, you will find a guidebook where the rules for washing it are given.

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