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Is your mobile hanging repeatedly? Eliminate the problem of mobile hang in this easy way

Mobile has become so important in our lives nowadays that our life is useless without it. The reason for this situation is that we can easily do a lot of small and big work with mobile. For example, transferring money to someone, getting money from someone into your account, booking a plane or train ticket, booking a seat for a movie at home, etc. People keep their important documents and photos on the phone so that they can be used when needed.

But nowadays we hear about the problem of mobile hangs from most of the people. It is very difficult to use a hung phone because it reduces the speed of the phone. In addition, sometimes you have to fall into illness. So everyone is looking for a solution to this problem. If you are also facing this problem, then today we have come up with 3 ways for you to avoid phone hangs. Let’s find out now from our site.

1) Uninstall unnecessary applications

We all know that if the RAM of the phone becomes full then the phone starts working slow. The lower the price of the phone, the lower the RAM of the phone. So it is better to delete unnecessary applications. Also, if there are photos or videos, they should be kept in the drive and deleted from the phone. Then the phone will work properly.

2) Cache file needs to be deleted

You must have heard the word catch file. Many times our phones are filled with a lot of useless data. And sometimes we don’t even know that we have a catch file on our phone. So we have to check from time to time and delete the catch file.

3) Delete truss file

Many times the phone also works slow due to chat on WhatsApp. Because even if the video or photo shared during the chat is deleted from the phone, it remains in the truss file. Which affects the storage of the phone and for this reason the phone hangs. So we have to take care that the necessary photos or videos are not on the phone.

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