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India Gaurab Tourist Train Launches Between India And Nepal, 6,000 Kilometers In 17 Days

India and Nepal have launched a new project ‘Bharat Gaurab’. Where the train running under it will connect both the countries. This is the first time that the country’s pride tourist train will pass through several states to visit major pilgrimage sites. The train operated by Indian Railways will have Third AC. The major pilgrimage sites of the country can be visited while traveling to Nepal. Pilgrimages associated with Lord Rama will be visited. The train will reach Janakpur, the main city of Nepal, where the Ramjanki Temple is located.

8000 km journey in 18 days journey: –
According to railway officials, the train will cover a total distance of 8,000 km. The train will pass through 8 states of our country. Where the train travels over Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The whole journey of the train will be completed in 18 days. The train is of very high quality with a capacity of 600 passengers. The train will have CC footage for the safety of passengers and special security guards.

The major cities through which the train will travel: –
The train will pass through 12 major cities associated with Lord Rama where passengers can visit these shrines. The major cities are Ayodhya, Boxer, Sitamarhi, Kashi, Prayog, Chitrakoot, Nasik, Hampi, Rameshwar, Kanchipuram, Bhadrachal and Janakpur.

These 12 cities are places of pilgrimage associated with Lord Rama: –

Ayodhya: – Ayodhya is considered to be the birthplace of Lord Rama. There are many temples related to Rama located here, including Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, Bharat Hanuman Temple, Hanuman Gari, Nandigram, Bharat Kund and many more.

Janakpur (Nepal): – The famous Ramjanki temple related to Ram is located in Janakpur, Nepal.

Sitamari: – There is a famous Janaki temple and an old dham here.

Boxer: – Ramrekha Ghat and Rameshwarnath Temple are present.

Varanasi: – Tulsi Manas Mandir, Sankatmochan Mandir, Bishwanath Mandir and Ganga Aarti Mandir are located here.

Prayag Raj: – Famous temples like Sita Containment Site, Sitamarhi, Bharadwaj Ashram, Ganga-Jamuna confluence and Hanuman Temple are located here.

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