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In the next 24 hours, there is a possibility of rain in some districts of South Bengal and the temperature will increase

The whole of South Bengal is burning in the heat. The temperature mercury is rising and recording day by day. Everyone from humans to animals are in a frenzy this summer. However, the Alipore Meteorological Department is hearing the news of some relief. Water vapor from the Bay of Bengal could cause a change in the weather on Sunday. Let us know the weather forecast of North Bengal and South Bengal.

Summer day

Weather in North Bengal

According to the Alipore weather forecast, light rain with thundershowers is expected in Kalimpong, Alipurduar, Kochbihar, Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri in the next 24 hours on 30th April. The weather in the remaining three districts of North Bengal will remain dry. In the next 24 hours, i.e. on May 1, the districts mentioned may experience light to moderate rains with thunderstorms.

The rest of North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur and Malda are likely to receive light rain with thunderstorms. Besides, light rain is also expected in Malda, North and South Dinajpur. The temperature will not change much in the next few days. However, a change of 2.3 C may occur.

Rainy day

Weather in South Bengal

On Saturday, April 30, the weather will be dry in almost every district of South Bengal. However, the sky will be cloudy from noon on Saturday and on Sunday, May 1, there is a possibility of rain with thunderstorms in almost all the districts of South Bengal. And temperatures are expected to rise by 2-3 C in the next 24 hours.

• Now let us know that the temperature has crossed 42 C in all the districts.

The maximum temperature in three districts was above 42 ° C on Thursday, according to the Meteorological Department. Bankura 42.4 ° C (+4.5), Purulia 44.3 ° C (+6.5), Jhargram 42 ° C (+4.5).

Rainy day

City Kolkata Weather.

For the time being, the people of Kolkata have to endure uncomfortable weather for the last few days. Humidity will be 85 percent in the next 24 hours. The maximum and minimum temperatures will be 37 and 28 ° C respectively. Today the minimum temperature in Kolkata was 28.6 C which is 3 থেকে above normal. However, there is a possibility of rain in Kolkata between Sunday and Tuesday, the meteorological department said.

Let’s take a look at the minimum temperatures in some districts of North and South Bengal

  • Asansol (27.3 C)
  • Bahrampur (27 C)
  • Bankura (27.1 C)
  • Burdwan (25.6 C)
  • Kochbihar (23.4 C)
  • Darjeeling (14 C)
  • Digha (27.5 C)
  • Kolkata (28.5 C)
  • Malda (25.9 C)
  • Siliguri (25.1 C)
  • Sriniketan (26.8 C)

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