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In terms of beauty, Imran’s wife will also compete with his great wife ‘Anushka Sharma’, see photo

Imran Tahir is a well-known former South African cricketer. He was very popular among the fans for his great bowling. However, many are unaware that Imran was born in Pakistan. He grew up and studied in Pakistan. But later this cricketer chose ‘South Africa’ to live.

The cricketer had to leave his country and move to another country out of love. Former African cricketer Imran Tahir was famous for his superb bowling. But recently he has been in quite a discussion with his beautiful wife. It is known that Imran Tahir’s wife ‘Sumaiya’ is a very beautiful woman. In 1986, Imran Tahir went to South Africa to play a match for the Pakistan Under-19 team.

There he first met a girl named Sumaiya. Sumaiya is very beautiful to look at and a stylist. Sumaiya was also known as a famous model in the profession at that time. The cricketer fell in love with Sumaiya at the first meeting. But model Sumaiya did not have much feelings about Imran. After the match, Imran had to return home from South Africa.

However, after returning to the country, Tahir started to miss Sumaiya very much. In such a situation, Imran started looking for opportunities to meet Sumaiya and started going to South Africa again and again. After a few meetings, Sumaiya also told Imran about her heart. After that they started living in a relationship with each other. Later, Sumaiya and Imran both decided to get married.

They were both from different countries. It is known that they also had a lot of love for their country. Imran wanted to advance his cricket career for Pakistan. On the other hand, his girlfriend Sumaiya did not want to leave his country. Then in 2006 the cricketer decided to leave his country Pakistan and move to South Africa and settled there. A year later, in 2006, Imran married his girlfriend Sumaiya.

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