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In KGF-2, Yash’s beard was cut off, but the story changed after the director objected

KGF Chapter One (KGF Chapter 1) starring Rocking Star Yash is facing great success. The film became a mega blockbuster at one point. People liked Rocky’s character in the film very much. His walking style, manner of speaking, dialogue and looks were very popular among the audience.

People even started wearing beards like Yash. Recently released KGF Chapter Two (KGF Chapter 2). Rocky brother i.e. actor Yash is back again. He also acted in the second part of the film. The most striking feature of Rocky’s character was his beard. However, the viewers were kind of disappointed not to see Yash’s beard in the trailer of the movie. However, let me tell you, while shooting KGF2, director Prashant Neel wanted Yash not to grow a beard.

But Yash’s director did not like this idea. He didn’t want to clean Rocky’s beard. In an interview, he said, “I can’t imagine a Rocky character without a beard. Personally, I love to have a beard. ‘The audience enjoyed Rocky’s beard in the first part of the film. However, he removed his beard after the movie break.

Yash said in an interview that he has spoken to the director that Rocky’s beard will be kept while shooting in the first part of the film. In the second part, the beard will be cut and the shooting will be done, that is what happened. When Prashant Neel was looking at the monitor, he realized that Rocky had done the right thing with his beard. He doesn’t care if Rocky is smart or the best outfit according to the character in his story.

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