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I had to clean the bathroom after high school, said Rabina Tandon about her career struggles.

Bollywood’s 90s superstar actress Ravina Tandan once won the hearts of the audience with her performance. However, he has reached this place with hard work. In the early days, he even cleaned the bathroom. Today, her name is in the list of top actresses.

In a news interview, he was asked about his career. He said those who got jobs in the film had to do other work in the studio first. The actress herself used to clean the bathroom of the studio for a while. If someone vomits, he also clears that vomit.

‘I started working after passing 10th class. Everyone told me to go to the front without working behind the camera. I would reply, I am not the heroine, should come in front of the camera. But I never thought that I would become a heroine at some point. ‘

‘I didn’t even think I would work in film. But I happened to be the heroine. At one time, when there was no model in Prahlad’s set, Prahlad used to call me a model. I used to pose with makeup like a model. Then I thought why should I work for free to Prahlad. If I have talent, I will exchange money for work elsewhere. Then I started modeling. Then I entered the movie. I didn’t even know how to act in a movie. I learned everything slowly. ‘

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