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I didn’t get a job in civil engineering, started a diary farm in the village and today my annual income is 12 lakh rupees.

Today’s young people are working hard to achieve success in their life because a successful career is desirable for everyone. Nowadays, getting a job after finishing school has become a big challenge for everyone. In such a situation, the younger generation is leaning towards business and coming up with new ideas. They are also getting good profits and many more people are getting employment through them. Something similar happened with Ashutosh Dexit. He did not get a job even after studying. He started the business to alleviate his unemployment and is making good profits today.

The role of Ashutosh Dixit

Ashutosh Dixit is a resident of Rabdi Asai village in Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh. He did not get a job even after finishing engineering. He tried all year for the job but unemployment frustrated him. It is not just with Ashutosh, there are many more young people like him in our country who do not get jobs according to their qualifications. Because unemployment has become a big problem in India. However, Ashutosh did not give up and planned to start a business for income.

Ashutosh Dixit Dairy Farm

Starting a startup in the city is not easy for anyone. Because it requires a lot of money Ashutosh Dixit returned to the village with his business plan and started raising animals there. Animal husbandry is a business that does not require much money. It can be started at low cost and good profit can be achieved.

For this Ashutosh started cattle farming. He bought four Sahilwal cows from Bikaner in Rajasthan and soon he started reaping the benefits. Among the breed cows, Sahiwal cows are considered to be very good. Its milk contains a fair amount of fat. Although Sahiwal cows give less milk than foreign cows, it is cheaper.

It also has many benefits and its milk quality is very good. Scientists even consider it to be the best cow of the native breed.
Very soon this thought of Ashutosh took him forward. In just 3 years, he started a business building a barn for 60 cows.

Everything about cows is very beneficial

Ashutosh Dixit also sells wood and manure from dung. Cow dung is also used as fuel and manure made from it is also used in the land. The use of manure made from dung also increases the yield of the crop at a significant rate. That crop is also beneficial for health. Cow urine is also used as medicine. Yogurt, cheese, butter, ghee and many more are made from cow’s milk.

Animal feed has become a major problem for livestock, as the shortage of animal feed is also increasing due to low crop production. Ashutosh Dixit’s village is on the edge of the forest, which is why he never has any problem in grazing cattle and he does not have to spend much money for it. Cattle grazing is done from the forest.

Gradually Ashutosh’s business grew so much that he could not even imagine earning a living. He sells the milk produced from there at Rs 50 per liter. In such a situation they earn 12-13 lakh rupees a year.

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