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Hurricane is coming, see where the landfall of the cyclone is

The condition of people is very bad in extreme heat. Everyone has the same hope when it will rain. Meanwhile, low pressure has been observed in the South Andaman Sea. The meteorological department said the low pressure would turn into a cyclone this morning. Then on May 10 this month, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa will come very close to the coast.

The people there will face stormy winds and heavy rains. The administration has repeatedly warned about this. Although the effects of the cyclonic storm in Bengal are not felt that way, there is a possibility of heavy rains. However, the effect of the cyclone is not falling on Bengal this time. In fact, the cyclone,

Not falling to the ground. The cyclone is raging in the sea. While good news for the people of West Bengal,
Warning messages are being given again and again to those who live along the watershed, i.e. those who live by the river. Fishermen are being repeatedly banned from fishing in the sea.

The effects of cyclones are greater in coastal areas each year. Combat forces have been deployed in East Midnapore and South districts to prevent erosion. However, if the cyclone accelerates on the coast of South Orissa, its velocity will have to start decreasing a bit. The government has instructed to open the Integrated Control Room from Monday.

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