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How was the hamburger sandwich invented? The whole subject of Jenin is an amazing story

Millions of people around the world eat hamburger sandwiches every day. It is one of the favorite non-veg sandwiches. There is no shortage of fans in India. Indians eat it by ordering from McDonald’s or any other restaurant.

According to a report, McDonald’s sells more than 75 hamburgers per second worldwide. Its history is also very interesting. It has crossed many oceans and continents but reached people. Let’s learn about the history of hamburgers.

Before we know who invented the hamburger, why should it be called a hamburger? If we do not find the answer to this question, we will not be able to answer the first question. The other question that comes up is that hamburgers don’t have ham, yet why is it called a hamburger? Does it have anything to do with the city of Hamburg, Germany? So today we will tell you the answer to all these questions.

The famous American writer George Motz answered all these questions. He has a book called Hamburger America and a documentary of the same name Made. The thing to know is that the inspiration for making hamburgers came from hamburgers. However, this sandwich was made later.

This sandwich was eaten by Mongol horse riders

It is known that in the twelfth century, horse riders of the Mongol Empire ate patties made of beef. It was called hamburger steak. From there it reaches Russia and later Germany. After that, it reached America along with Germany in the 18th-19th centuries. It is also mentioned in the first century cookbook Caelius Apicius. The book mentions serving a mixture of dried fruit and minced meat on bread.

How was the hamburger invented?

The funny thing is that hamburgers were invented in America. 180-1890During this decade, many Germans settled in America. There they started making beef patties. Inspired by this, the American people made the first hamburger. They give it a new look by serving it on bread.

Who invented the hamburger?

No one knows who invented the hamburger. But some say it was invented by Louis Lunch, a famous American restaurant. The owner of this restaurant was named Louis Lassen. He made and sold hamburger sandwiches in a hand car in the 1900s. This restaurant is very famous in New York. People still love to eat hamburgers here.

Whatever the invention of the hamburger, it is now famous all over the world. Many varieties are sold in different parts of the world. You will find it in the menu of any restaurant in the world. In India, the vegetarian version of the potato tiki burger is very famous. Reading its history, your mind must have started eating hamburgers.

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