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How much money does Akshay Kumar take for one advertisement?

Akshay Kumar is the highest grossing Bollywood actor of the year. He is the man with the biggest brand value in the country. His name comes after Virat Kohli and Ranbir Singh. But apart from the film, he earns a lot of money from advertisements and from production house, personal. It is even known that he earns more money from advertisement than the film.

But a few days ago, Akshay had to be the victim of a troll to do an advertisement. The point is that Akshay Kumar once said in front of everyone that drugs should not be used for some money. But recently he was seen working in Bimal’s advertisement. As a result, social media users started trolling him.

The only question in the minds of all the fans was why he advertised such a product. Akshay Kumar then answered everyone’s questions and said that he had done it by mistake. He also apologized to everyone and said that he would spend all the money from this advertisement on social services.

Akshay Kumar charges Rs 6 crore for making an endorsement. Akshay currently has advertisements from companies like Honda, Rosna, Harpic, Policy Bazaar, Dollar Club, Liveguard, Dollar, Prince Pipe, Lever Ayush. The brand value of these is around $ 14 crore, which is around 106 crore rupees.

Akshay is a producer without brand endorsement. In 2006, Akshay Hari started his production. Then in 2012 he started Grazing Gout Pictures. Akshay Kumar is the highest paid actor who has made 4 to 5 films every year. He took around Rs 100 crore for each film. There are many films in which Akshay signs profit sharing.

Not only that, Akshay Kumar owns the World Kabaddi team. Along with all this, Akshay Kumar is the highest earning actor in the industry. The actor has made more than 300 personal investments. In 2020, the actor also donated Rs 25 crore to the Prime Minister’s account.

But there is a message behind these films. Now Akshay Kumar is being trolled a lot for advertising a tobacco and many people are talking about him for good or bad.

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