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How much does a cricket ball weigh? There are 5 unknown facts about the cricket ball

Cricket is a sport that people all over the world love. This cricket game, produced in England, is now popular among cricket fans all over the world. Nowadays cricket is a passion and love for the fans. Every game in the world is bound by one or another rule. Likewise the game of cricket is limited by certain rules. Although there are not so many rules in the beginning, now there are many rules to follow during the game. The Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) has made some such rules in national and international cricket. Today I will explain some rules that many may not know. And it is good for us cricketers to know these rules.
Let’s find out!

1. Weight and volume of cricket ball: –
We all watch cricket. The question that comes to the mind of many of us is what is the weight of the ball that is being played by the ball? Please note that the weight and shape of the ball varies according to the team. Let us know the measure of weight of balls.
A. Men’s cricket team
Weight: – In international cricket, the weight of balls in men’s team is 156 to 163 grams (5.5- 5.75 oz).
Circumference: – and the circumference of the balls ranges from 224 to 229 millimeters (8.81-9 inches).
B. Women’s cricket team
Weight: – The weight of the balls of women’s cricket team is less than that of men’s cricket team. Usually 140 to 151 grams (4.94- 5.31) oz).
Circumference: – 210 to 226 mm (8.25- 8.88 Inches).

2. Force acceptance and control: –
All the balls that will be used to play in a match are taken by the umpires before the toss. All the balls will be under their control. Even in the short intervals from the start to the end of the game with breaks, wicket falls, injuries, and other obstacles, the balls go into the possession of the umpire.

3. New ball: –
The captain may ask for a new ball before the start of the game in any match. Because as a captain it is his duty to see if the ball is in order.

4. New ball in Test match: –
In cricket, Test matches are usually played for five days. A ball changes shape to play for a long time. As a result, both parties are accused of changing the ball. In this case, the captain of the team that will be fielding for more than 1 day may ask for a new ball. However, subject to the rules, the number of overs in a match held by that ball must be 80.

5. Balls lost during the game: –
If a ball goes out of the gallery or a ball goes missing during the game, another ball is used instead. However, if the ball is changed, the batsmen and the fielding team, including the umpire, are informed.

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