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How many crores of rupees did the southern star Thalapathi Vijay get paid for the movie ‘Beast’?

Vijay, who is said to be the biggest superstar in the Tamil industry, does not need a separate identity today. He is currently in training for his Beast film.


For your information let me know that his film Beast is being liked a lot by the viewers and you will be surprised to know that he gave his interview to the media after almost 10 years of his life.


According to the family, Thalapathi Vijay was a very talkative lover and agile before his sister’s death, but after his sister’s death he went into oblivion. After that Vijay took control of himself and took his acting life to new heights.


We let you know that Vijay was very close to his sister, he named his daughter Divya which is very similar to his sister’s name, his sister’s name is Vidya and he named his production house Vidya Media.

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