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Here is a list of 5 movies from the South that will compete with KGF-2

KGF 2 is an anti-gravity film. ERBM is a film where the producers play twelve of the physics in an attempt to show the protagonist a larger life. KGF director Prashant Neel himself believes that this is an anti-gravity film. He said that was the demand of the subject. However, regardless of the label on the film, KGF 2 has gained wide popularity. That’s why the film grossed Rs 745 crore worldwide in its first six days.

Although the film received negative reviews after showing Hero K Larger Than Life, this factor has made money. This is not the first time that we have seen on screen a hero who considers it his religion to punish a girl or kill dozens of thugs at once. This type of movie has a set template. So after watching KGF 2, if you don’t mind, today I will tell you about some movies where if you are not full of heroes, then we will tell you some more movies where the hero has been tried to show a larger than life.

1) Aggressive
Director: Prashant Neel
Cast: Srimurli, Haripriya, Tilak

Prashant Neel was preparing the pitch before bringing Rocky Brother to the screen. And he was doing this through a larger than life hero. KGF fans should watch Prashant Neel’s first film ‘Ugram’. You can see the renaissance of the first film. The central character of the story is a common man. He sees crime happening around him, and he resists that crime. This template is not new in the movie world. But the factor that worked for ‘Ugram’ was its action. Like KGF, Prashant also paid special attention to the visual feel of the film.

Cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda from the KGF team and music director Ravi Basru were also part of the crew of ‘Ugram’. The film took about four years to make. The film did not do well at the box office but it did give Prashant enough confidence that he would be able to direct a film like KGF.

2) Rangsthalam
Director: Sukumar
Cast: Ram Charan, Samantha, Jagpati Babu.

Telugu film director Sukumar became popular among Hindi audiences in 2021 with ‘Pushpa: The Rise’. Before that, his name appeared in the Hindi belt in 2004 with ‘Arya’. But between these two films came another of his films Rangasthanalam. The cast of this film were quite big superstars. The film ‘Rangasthanalam’ was set in a village of the same name.

Where the chief considered himself a god and exploited the villagers. Someone had to come against him as the Messiah of the people. Ram Charan played the role of Chitti Babu. Rangasthanalam is a formula film, which follows the path of good and evil. Here Sukumar was showing his villain Larger Than Life. The hero also looked equal. If the villain was weak and the protagonist was bigger than life, the audience would not like the story.

3) 1 nanocacadine
Director: Sukumar
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon, Sayaji Shinde

1 Nanokkadine was a typical Mahesh Babu film. Which divided social media into two before it was released. The reason was a poster of the film. While Mahesh Babu is posing while walking on the beach, he is looking back. So far everything was fine. But he is looking back and looking at Knee Shannon who is sitting on his knees. This time I will tell the story spread on social media. The incident happened a few days before the release of the film. Samantha Prabhu tweeted: “I saw a poster of an upcoming Telugu movie. It’s not just regressive, its point is regressive. “

Samantha didn’t even mention the name of the film, but Mahesh Babu’s fan group targeted her and trolled her a lot. Later, Mahesh Babu also expressed annoyance in Samantha’s speech. There is one thing in all the heroic movies. There is no identity of any character other than the hero. There is no ambition for them, especially the female characters, who are mostly used as props. Something similar happened in this film. Here you will see Mahesh Babu’s slow motion action shots, only the female side is weak.

4) Vivegam
Director: Shiva
Cast: Ajith, Vivek Oberoi, Akshara Hasan.

A spicy film does two things. Makes your theater experience great. Which is why you don’t get tired of whistling. Second, it doesn’t give fans of the film’s star a chance to complain. That means there is a complete fan service. Ajit’s film ‘Vivegam’ fits these two parameters. You will not find logic in such stories. Just watch the hero do something unnatural and enjoy.

A negative character in the first scene of the film says that Hawa also needs my permission to enter this area. Then we see Ajit. The wind is blowing by touching her hair. The producers are well aware that the flute is played at such moments. There are some war sequences in the film, where the fans don’t mind what Ajit does, they just enjoy saying ‘Bhai Keya Sin Hai’.

5) Lucifer
Director: Prithviraj Sukumaran
Cast: Mohanlal, Monju Warrior, Tovino Thomas

Malayalam cinema sales center showing stories from the ground up. Prithviraj Sukumaran tried to combine both ‘Lucifer’, ground reality and mass appeal in his film. The film explores the evils of why it is important for us to survive, starting with our politics. But in the process of making his protagonist bigger than the story, the film forgets the real thing of the film. Such a scene where Mohanlal’s character Steven is surrounded by some thugs.

One of them held a gun to Steven’s forehead. After a few slow shots, and a punch in the air, Steven was seen holding a gun. He badly injured everyone with his own hands. The trailer also states that Steven is not an ordinary person. The film continues to grow in scale.

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