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He used to work as a bus conductor, today he owns Rs 400 crore

Rajnikant was born on December 12, 1950 in Bangalore, Karnataka to a Marathi family. They were four siblings and Rajinikanth was the youngest. His life was full of difficulties from the beginning and Rajinikanth’s mother died when he was only 5 years old.

Actor Rajinikanth then started working as a bus conductor in BTS. This actor loved acting since childhood. He whistled on the bus and impressed the passengers with his various performances. When his financial situation started to improve, he quit his job and joined the Madras Film Institute.

Rajinikanth was acting in a play at this institute. At this time, the famous film director ‘Bala Chandra’ caught Rajinikanth’s eye. Fascinated by his performance, Bala Chandra gave Rajinikanth a chance to work in a film. Actor Rajinikanth first started acting as a villain, then as a side role and then as a hero.

Since then, he has given one super hit picture after another to the viewers. Actor Rajinikanth has gained a lot of fame in the world of acting and has also won many awards. Overcoming many obstacles in life and through hard work, actor Rajinikanth has made his mark in the world. Many consider Rajinikanth to be a guru because of his great acting and unique style.

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