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He used to go from house to house and sell products. Today, he is earning 250 crore rupees a year due to this great idea

There are very few people who come from a middle class family but choose a very big goal and succeed in achieving it. It is your hard work and your dedication that leads you to your goal. Shashank Dixit (Founder & CEO at Deskera) understood all these things very well and that is why Shashank Dixit started with the idea of ​​a completely new start-up in his final year of college.

In his final year of college, Shashank Dixit and his three friends Brajesh Sachin, Paritosh Mahana and Somesh Mishra designed software for a local outlet near the college campus. In 2008, Shashank Dixit graduated from IIT, after which he launched his own software.

Shashank Dixit

This software by Shashank Dixit works for small business accounts. The idea of ​​creating this software was quite accurate, but on a very small scale, the accounts are even smaller. For this reason, some business desks do not give much priority to such software. Deskera software was started by Shashank Dixit and his team.

Shashank Dixit decided to move the business from India to Singapore in 2012. Shashanka Dixit then learned from some research done before moving to Singapore that the country was open to new business and ideas.

Shashank Dixit

At first, Shashank Dixit used to sell this software from house to house in Singapore. And as a measure of cost reduction, they had to sleep at Singapore Changi Airport. Singapore agrees to GST, which is why the demand for this product of Shashank Dixit has also started increasing.

Singapore Business fully embraced Desk-Iraq, which helped Shashank Dixit take his software further. After that, Shashank Dixit’s software got a lot of support from the Singapore government. Malaysia has also implemented GST after almost 3 years and soon this software desk-ira of Shashank Dixit has got success there too.

Shashank Dixit

At present, Desk-IRA employs about 300 people and Shashank Dixit’s company has an annual turnover of about $ 42 million. Desk-Ira has offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and the company also provides services in eight cities in India. GST has also been introduced in India and now Desk-Ira is being used extensively in India as well.

Shashank Dixit had to face many difficulties to take this startup to new heights. And Shashank Dixit had full faith in this idea and that is why Shashank Dixit has succeeded in starting an initiative like Desk-Ira. According to him, there is a lot of opportunity for start-ups in every country today and now Shashank Dixit is promoting lots of start-ups and business ideas.

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