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He started this with 10 thousand rupees by lying at home

Have you ever thought that you can earn crores of rupees by selling tea? A boy named Prafulla Bilor has shown such an achievement. Let’s find out the story of Prafulla’s life. Prafulla Bilour went to Ahmedabad to study at IIM Ahmedabad. There he prepared for the Common Admission Test for three years in a row, however, when he failed the CAT exam, he decided to open a tea shop and named it – ‘MBA Chaiwala’. And today, MBA Chaiwala has more than 22 outlets across the country and now they are going to open an international outlet soon. Prafulla is a millionaire at present.

Profulla Billore

Prafulla Billore was born in Labrabhadar, a peasant family in a very small village in Dhar. IIM wanted to do MBA from Ahmedabad, but when Praful Billo did not succeed, he toured big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, but felt something different in Ahmedabad. Prafulla Billo liked the city of Ahmedabad so much that he started thinking of living there.

Now he needs money to survive and he has to do something to make money, so Prafulla Billore started working at McDonald’s in Ahmedabad. Here Praful earned about 37 rupees per hour and worked about 12 hours a day.

Profulla Billore

One day, Praful realized that he could not work for McDonald’s for the rest of his life, so he decided to start his own business. But Prafulla did not have the money to start a business. Then in such a situation, Prafulla thought of starting a business in which money can be invested very little and can be done very easily.

From here, Prafulla Billar comes up with the idea to start making tea. At the beginning of this work, Praful Billar lied to his father and took away about 10 thousand rupees in the name of education. Then Prafulla started setting up tea stalls with this money. And nowadays MBA Chaiwala has become a brand.

Profulla Billore

Prafulla Billo’s success has given a good answer to those who used to make fun of him, Praful once said that now many people seek his advice. Prafulla left his MBA in the middle and started making tea. In about 4 years of starting this tea business, Praful Billar has earned around Rs 3 crore and has gained acclaim all over the country.

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