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He started the business with a loan of Tk 6 lakh, today the annual turnover is Tk 4 crore

We all have the courage and strength to do something. Success is achieved if one uses one’s talents properly with courage and strength. With this courage and strength people can fight many bad situations. For example, a woman named Bharati Sumerian was hospitalized after being brutally beaten by her husband.

But her love and affection for her children worked like a light in her life, and she survived death because of the power of that good home. And today she has become the owner of a company worth crores of rupees by her courage, strength and hard work. Let us know the whole story of Bharati Sumerian through this article.

Bharati Sumeria was born into a middle class family in Viondi, Mumbai. Her father married her after the tenth grade. After the marriage Bharati first gave birth to a daughter and a few years later she gave birth to twins. Bharati’s husband Sanjay was unemployed and she was wasting all her father’s property to make ends meet.

Besides, her husband used to beat Bharati severely. As time went on, Bharati’s husband’s torture was increasing. Bharati had to be hospitalized several times after being beaten by her husband Sanjay. But Bharati’s children have always been a beacon of hope in her life.

Her children always encouraged her to learn something new, to participate in local competitions and to come out of her frustration. Bharati’s brother then asked Bharati to take a job given to him to take care of the family and children. Then in 2005, Bharati opened a small factory for making small items like toothbrushes, boxes, tiffin boxes etc.

Bharati’s father borrowed Rs 6 lakh to help Bharati. Then Bharati started working in Mulund with two employees. Over time, Bharati began to forget about her husband’s depression. However, her husband’s oppression did not end with Bharati’s life. Her husband Bharati was beaten at home and in public.

In an interview, Bharati said that when she went to the police to make a diary, the police did not help her. Because her husband had a lot of acquaintances in the police. Three or four years later, Bharati went one step further and opened a factory called PET. He started making plastic bottles for this company.

He personally tests the quality of the product for the satisfaction of his customers. All this brought her fame and soon she started getting orders from big brands like Cipla and Bisleri. Three years later in 2014, her husband Sanjay again raised his hand against Bharati. He started beating her in front of the factory workers.

It was unbearable for their children and their children told their father that he would never return to their mother’s life. Today, Bharati has expanded its business and the annual turnover of its factory is around Rs 4 crore.

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