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He started the business with a loan of only Rs. 50,000 with a great idea, today he earns Rs.

Kalpana Saroj was born in 1971 to a poor Dalit family in Roparkheda, a small village in Akola district of Maharashtra. He has created a company worth crores of rupees by fighting many adversities. Kalpana’s father worked as a constable. His father’s monthly income was 300 rupees a month. Kalpana and her 2 brothers, 3 sisters, grandparents and uncle lived in the police quarters.

Kalpana attended a government school. Being a Dalit, Kalpana has been neglected many times. At the age of 12, Kalpana’s father gave her in marriage. Kalpana’s in-laws have been abusing her since the marriage. Kalpana said in an interview that her in-laws would not even give her food and would grab her hair and beat her very cruelly. He treated her worse than an animal.

Kalpana started working at the age of 18.

When Kalpana was 16, she moved to Mumbai with her uncle. Kalpana knew sewing very well. So then Kalpana’s uncle got her a job in a textile mill. Kalpana said that he could operate the sewing machine very well but for some reason he could not operate the machine and he was given the job of cutting the yarn. Kalpana used to get two rupees per day for this work. Then Kalpana worked as a spinner for a few days. Then he regained his confidence and started operating the machine. Then he started earning twenty-five rupees a month for this work.

The first step towards the success of imagination

In difficult times Kalpana took a vow to eradicate poverty from her life. Kalpana thought that if she sewed 4 blouses a day, she would be able to earn around 40 rupees and this money would take away their poor life. Then Kalpana started working very hard. He worked about 18 hours a day. So he started saving money and helping his family.

Kalpana took a loan of 50 thousand rupees

Then Kalpana noticed that there were a lot of opportunities and earnings in tailoring and boutique work. Then Kalpana started considering it as a business. He then took a loan of Rs 50,000 under the ‘Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Scheme’ run by the Maharashtra government. At the age of 22, Kalpana started a furniture business and had great success. Kalpana later opened a beauty parlor. Kalpana then married a steel furniture dealer. But in 1989, her husband passed away leaving the responsibility of a son and daughter to Kalpana.

Today, Kalpana is the owner of a company with a turnover of Rs 500 crore.

All those who saw her struggle and hard work in the bad days of Kalpana became her fans. He then started getting recognition in Mumbai. Kalpana has been fighting for the company since 2000 and then in 2008 the court made her the owner of Kamani Industries. He modernized the company and gradually transformed it from a sick company to a profitable one.

Through the hard work of Kalpana Saroj, Kamani Industries has become a company with a turnover of over Rs 500 crore. He also received the Padma Shri award in 2013 for this great achievement. Despite having no banking background, the Government of India has included Kalpana Saroj on the Board of Directors of Bharatiya Mahila Bank. Kalpana today owns dozens of companies like Kalpana Saroj KS Creations, Kalpana Builders and Developers, Kamani Steels, Kalpana Associates.

The daily turnover of these companies is also crores of rupees. Overall, Kalpana Saroj, who once earned two rupees a day, is now running an empire of around 600 crores.

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