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He started his own business without paying any attention to people’s talk, today Malkin Richa is worth Tk. 260 crore

There is a saying, “If there is a will, there is a way.” If people can work really hard then all the impossible can be made possible. Today in this article we will discuss about a business woman who has taken her business to the pinnacle of success by her own courage and hard work. Let’s find out who that woman is.

In a country like India, it is still difficult for women to buy undergarments from shops. Especially if the shopkeeper is a male person. But there are very few people who understand this problem of women. However, a woman named Richa Karr proved her mettle by starting a women’s undergarments business without thinking about what people would say. Today, this undergarments business has turned into a company worth Rs 600 crore. The name of this company is Jivami and the brand is Lingeri. In other words, Richa is the CEO and founder of this lingerie brand of Jiwame.

Richa Karr’s Education and Family Background

Richa Kar was born on 16 July 1970 in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Richa Kerr’s mother was a domestic worker and her father worked for the Tata Steel Company.

Richa Karr’s difficult journey

Richa Karke had to face a lot of opposition in his own home at the beginning of the business. Richard’s mother protested against her daughter’s business, saying “what can we tell our relatives that our daughter sells bra-panties.” Richa also had a hard time finding a place for this business. Whenever Richa tried to rent a house, the landlord would ask Richa what business he would start. And when Richa talked about his business, no one wanted to give him their place. In the end, Richa hid his business and rented a house saying that he would only sell clothes online.

Richa Karr’s success story

Richa was involved in a love affair with his batchmate Kedar Govinda at Kar College. Richa then married him. Richa’s husband Govinda supported Richa in his work from the very beginning.

Richa Carr designed the e-commerce company in such a way that its products could easily reach the customer and all women could choose the right fitting. Then 2015-16 Richa tax company had to face a loss of about 54 crore rupees. But even then Richa did not give up. Today, Jivama includes more than 5,000 ranges, more than 1,000 sizes, and more than 50 brands.

About 2.5 million unique visitors visit Richa Kar’s website every month. Lots of garments are sold on the website every 1 minute. Also let us know that today many big investors have invested money in this company. Jivami today has become a company that provides women with good quality products and benefits.

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