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He spent Rs 340 crore to get the number plate of the car, the identity of the real person

Many people spend extra money on number plates. Its trend is increasing day by day in the country too. Many people spend up to crores of rupees to keep a VIP number plate car. Recently, a fancy person has spent Rs 340 crore to install a VIP number plate.

The first person to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on expensive car number plates 14 years ago was Afzal Kan, who lives in Britain. He spent Rs 4 crore in 2006 to keep his car number plate ‘F1’. Since then, its price has been increasing exponentially.

This number plate is listed in Motoring Exposure Magazine as the most expensive motor plate in the history of vehicles. The person got an offer of lakhs of rupees for this number plate. But he has not sold that number plate yet. Let me tell you, it is forbidden to sell number plates in India. But it can be sold in the United States.

He says he will not sell this number plate until he gets a big offer. The Regtransfer website, which carries the number plate, has a value of Rs 342 crore. Afzal has the number ‘F1’ in his Bugatti Veyron. The second most expensive number plate in the world is ‘1’. This number was bought for around Tk 109 crore. The car was bought by a man named Saeed Abdul Gaffar Khauri.

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