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He left his job in England and came to India to start a goat rearing business with an annual income of over 3 million

More or less many people dream of settling abroad. It takes a lot of hard work and sweat to fulfill that dream. Once a person gets a job abroad, it becomes an inspiration for everyone. However, after settling well abroad, many return to the country to do something on their own.

Today I will tell you about one person. He is Munendra Singh. He worked as a manager in a large company in England. His monthly salary was 20 lakh rupees. But his strong desire to do something on his own brought him back to the country. He quit his job and started raising goats in his village. Today he earns over crores of rupees.

He started his business with 10 goats. Now his income is over crores of rupees. Minister of State Laxminarayan Chowdhury also praised him. His business model is also somewhat unique. He has been awarded the title of ‘Bakari Pandit’. He keeps different breeds of goats on his farm. When someone comes to see, he takes 100 rupees to see.

He grew up in Segli village in Agota block. He then completed an MBA from Amity University in England and the University of Portsmouth. He started working as the manager of Oxfordshire Bester Golf Club in England while doing double MBA. His monthly income was 20 lakh rupees. But the dream of doing something on his own brought him back to the village. He is successful in his business today.

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