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He left his job and started selling tea, only 5 hours of tea

On the one hand, young people want to get a good degree and live a luxurious life with a good job, on the other hand, some young people are looking for comfort not only in the job but also in the job. It is clear that no matter how much money you earn in a job, no matter how many benefits you get, there is no benefit if you do not get peace of mind. Another name has been added in this episode, Raunak Rajvanshi of Ahmedabad is an engineer by profession and today he has become a Chawla.

Young people are trying different ways because they are not interested in jobs. Some are leaning towards agriculture, while others are starting their own startups. The desire of those young people is to create their own identity, where their minds are satisfied. Our story today is about a young man who, in search of peace, sits in a tea shop without getting a job despite studying engineering. So let’s not know about this young man (Engineer Chaiwala, Raunak Rajbangshi).

Raunak Rajvanshi

The tea startup is making a splash

Nowadays, there are many headlines in the tea business, sometimes MBA Chawla, sometimes BA Chawla and sometimes Engineer Chawla. Someone has rightly said that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get on with your work. On the contrary, do what you can. Maybe this is the reason why even the educated youth nowadays are trying their luck in various fields without getting a job and are reaching the high peak of success.

Raunak Rajbangshi, 29, is a resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, who has made headlines for his tea business. On the one hand, young people want to settle down well after studying engineering, but often do not get the desired job. The same thing happened with Raunak, who finished his engineering degree in 2015 and got a job in many places. But nowhere did he think, so he thought of doing something different without getting a comfortable job.

Decided to start a tea business

He decided that he would join his father’s work and for this he started a tea startup. It is the wish of every father that his son can study well and have a good job and live a good life. That’s what Raunak’s father wanted, so he didn’t like the tea startup.

Raunak Rajvanshi

Dad was dissatisfied

Raunak said that if he told his father about this, he would be dissatisfied with the work. Because society always works to push you back instead of motivating you to move forward. But Raunak persuaded his father to do this. Then in 2020 he started a tea business called “Engineer Ni Chai” meaning Engineer’s Tea.

Customer retention is quite high

In Ahmedabad, Raunak started a tea (Raunak dynasty) business in a unique way, which has become the subject of much discussion. Not only that, consumers are also so deeply attached to their hand-made tea that it is refreshing to taste it once. Once he visited their tea stall, the second time he did not forget to bring his friends and relatives.

Raunak Rajvanshi

Give free biscuits with tea

You must be wondering if Raunak’s tea business is what attracts its customers. Because of this, he always kept some books and three newspapers in his shop. This is because most people like to read newspapers or books as well as sip tea. Through this, they also get the news of the country and the world with a sip of tea. Not only that, his experience is different when he gets biscuits with tea. Raunak also offers free biscuits with tea at his tea-stall, which makes their newspaper and book experience even more special.

Raunak Rajvanshi

Dream of becoming a doctor since childhood

Everyone dreams of doing something good in life by studying. Raunak also dreamed of becoming a doctor since childhood, but sometimes there are many problems in the way of our dreams. The same thing happened with Raunak, whose mother was suffering from cancer, due to which her treatment was costing a lot of money. In this situation, raising money for medical studies was a very difficult task.

Keeping in mind the financial constraints, Raunak decided to pursue engineering and enrolled for studies. He always wanted to do something of his own, which could help people and they could communicate with ordinary people. Even after becoming a doctor, he wanted to start his own clinic, which could help people.

Raunak earns a lot by working only 5 hours

Today, however, his tea business earns a good income by working only four to five hours. A person earns more by working 5 hours than he earns by working 8 hours. At the same time, seeing the customer holding on, the father realized that even today the interaction of people with tea is the same as before. His tea shop is near Subhash Bridge in Ahmedabad.

Raunak gets satisfaction from seeing customers happy

In the end, he said, customers feel refreshed after drinking his hand-made tea, the aura of which can be clearly seen on his face. This radiance in the face of customers, it gives them that happiness and comfort which is probably not found in any job. Raunak is very happy with his work and is earning a good income.

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