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He left his job and started his own business, today MBA fisherman is earning lakhs of rupees

Unemployment is the biggest problem in the country today. And those who have jobs in their hands are not satisfied with what they get. In such a situation, some people give in to the situation and some people fight the situation and leave with success. Nishant Kumar is one of the names in the list of success achieved by fighting. This is Rachir, a resident of Ratu. Nishant started fish farming business with two of his partners and quit his job at the company where he worked for 10 years after doing MBA in 2016. After that he started the business by collecting information about the business he wanted to do and today Nishant and his partners are earning lakhs of rupees per month.

Nishantha is now not only making money through bioflock, pen culture, pond and pond culture, they are also earning and inspiring people. By cultivating fish on a large scale, they are not only earning, but also creating employment and motivating people. Nishantha went to Indonesia to learn fish farming techniques and now he is selling about 300 kg of fish in the market every day using 64 bioflocks and other methods. Nishantha and his partners earn more than 11 lakhs a month by doing this business.

When Nishant was asked about his work during the interview, he said that he has raised many kinds of fish. And for this business there is no need of pond, it is possible to cultivate fish in artificial tank. An artificial tank is called a bioflock. This tank can catch 300 fish in 15,000 liters of water.

Nishantha said he produces many fish together, including Rohu, Katla, Mrigal Carp, Silver Grass Carp, Desi Mangur, Pangas, Monosex Tilapia, Vietnamese and Golden Carp. It costs up to 1500 rupees per month to raise fish in this tank and it takes about 3 months to make fish shots. And when 200 to 300 grams of fish is made, the price is determined according to the weight. Nishantha further said that he wants to set up his big company in Gujarat where he can employ more people and cultivate fish on a large scale.

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