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He got married at a young age

In the present era, child marriage has almost completely stopped. However, in the earlier days, all marriages took place at a young age. The biggest drawback of child marriage was that the bride and groom got married at an early age. As a result, the future of the boys and girls would be dark in their childhood and none of their dreams would come true. Today we will talk about Rupa Yadav, a resident of Curry village in Chaumu area of ​​Jaipur district of Rajasthan.

Who was only eight years old at the time of marriage. And at the time of marriage, her husband was 12 years old. Even after getting married at such a young age, due to her hard work, at the age of 21, she got 603 marks in NEET-2017. Even then, she continued her studies. After her success in NEET-2017, she was admitted in the state government college. And from there, the success story of Rupa Yadav started.

The two sisters are married to two brothers in the same family

Rupa Yadav and Rukama Devi were two sisters. Both were married to two brothers Shankarlal and Babulal. After the marriage, when Rupa Yadav was in 10th class, her parents sent Rupa to her father-in-law’s house. Going to his father-in-law’s house, he found out that he got 84% marks in 10th class. Seeing that Roop was good at studying, her in-laws enrolled her in a private school to continue her studies. Roop passed in 11th class with 71% percent and in 12th class with 74% percent.

By driving a taxi, Ruper Bara had paid for his education.

The people of Rupa Yadav’s father-in-law’s house were also poor farmers like his Rupa’s father’s house. There was not enough income from agriculture that they could afford the higher education of Rupa. Nevertheless, Rupa’s husband started driving taxis and continued to pay for Rupa’s education from his own earnings. Eventually, there was some income from farming and taxis, which led Roop to pursue his studies earlier.

Rupa decided to become a doctor after her uncle died of a heart attack.

There is a story behind Rupa Yadav becoming a doctor. In fact, his uncle Bhimram Yadav died of a heart attack while he was studying. After that, Rupa was determined to become a doctor. Because he lost his uncle due to untimely treatment, then Rupa fulfilled his determination to become a doctor by his hard work.

He did medical preparation from Kota.

After getting good marks in class XII, Rupa Yadav’s elder brother Babulal, on the instructions of an acquaintance, admitted Rupa to a coaching institute in Kota. There he studied for 8 to 9 hours every day. Rupa says that when she came to study in Kota, the environment there was positive and inspiring to move forward. The teachers were very helpful.

By staying in Kota, working hard for a year, he came very close to his goal. But for the first time he had to face failure. Again there was a problem of lack of money to continue his studies. When Roop informed the company about his family’s financial problems, the company waived 75 percent of the fee. Then he worked day and night again and passed with 603 marks. His NEET rank was 2283.

The Coaching Institute announces a full 4 year scholarship to study MBBS.

Naveen Maheshwari, director of the coaching institute where Rupa studied, praised Rupa Yadav and said, “We congratulate Rupa Yadav and her family. The success that Rupa has achieved in the face of extraordinary circumstances is inspiring to all. He also announced a monthly stipend from the institute for four years to study Rupa MBBS.

Rupa Yadav has become an inspiration to people because of her struggle. She is an example of women’s empowerment. Today, Rupa Yadav has emerged as an inspiration for those girls who, despite being talented, waste their entire lives cooking. He never lost courage and faced all the problems.

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