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Growing up, Dhoom 3’s ‘Little Boy’ will compete with Ritwik in terms of personality.

The child actors who acted in the film also gave away many superhit pictures. Many of these child actors made their Bollywood debut. There are many child actors who later made a name for themselves in the Bollywood industry, but there are many child actors who have disappeared from Bollywood over time.

Today they are no longer recognizable. But speaking of their childhood characters, viewers still love to see them. Siddharth has acted in many serials, he has reigned in everyone’s heart since his childhood.


At the same time, Siddharth is sharing many pictures on his Instagram. By which he always keeps in touch with his fans, we tell you that Siddhartha Nigam first worked in an advertisement.


He then played the role of Aamir Khan’s childhood in Dhoom 3, then Siddharth Nigam, then Chakraborty Ashok Samrat in Colors Channel – Ashok’s childhood character in the serial.

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