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Great business, now you can earn 6 lakh rupees by investing only 1 lakh rupees, know the whole method

Nowadays people are doing many kinds of work and they have found a way to earn good income. And if we talk about agriculture, then the days are gone when farmers used to fight for income only by cultivating in the old way. Now the farmers have multiplied their income by cultivating different types of crops, vegetables and fruits in a new way. Also new to agriculture
Strategies are also being used.

Today we are going to talk about a business related to agriculture which will help you to earn millions of rupees. Nowadays the craze of agriculture is increasing among the people. In that case you can start small scale farming if you want and turn that farming into a business. Nowadays it is possible to make a lot of profit by cultivating cucumber.

You could start your own home-based business tomorrow with very little start up cost. You can earn about 6 lakh rupees per month If you grow cucumbers and want to make money from them, you don’t have to wait long. Because cucumber cultivation does not take much time. After 4 months of sowing the seeds you can get the fruit and earn money from it.

But keep in mind that if you want to give cucumber a business look, you have to sow a special kind of cucumber. You will also get subsidy from the government for its cultivation. Which will make it easier to cultivate. The rainy season is considered to be the best time to cultivate cucumber. If you want to start cultivating cucumber, the pH value of your field should be 5.5-6.6.

It is well cultivated in waterlogged areas like rivers and ponds. You can earn money from just 60 days of sowing seeds. If you want to sow cucumber, you have to make sednet on your land. Durga Prasad, a farmer from UP, did this farming. Now he has turned it into a business. Now he is earning a good income.

For its seeds, he contacted the Netherlands and bought 72,000 seeds and cultivated the land. He received a subsidy of Rs 16 lakh from the government for his cultivation. This cucumber is in high demand in the market as it has fewer seeds than native cucumber. And since its price is also high, so farmers can get more profit from it.

As this cucumber is sold at Rs 45 per kg, farmers are cultivating it in large quantities. There is always a demand for it in the market because people mostly use cucumber for salads or other meals.

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