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Govinda’s career ended for a mistake, he once signed 70 films together

We all know K Govinda, a popular Bollywood actor. At one time he won the hearts of people with his acting and dancing. Govinda is also known as Hero No. 1 by her fans and Bollywood people. Govinda acted in many superhit movies between 80’s and 90’s.

Govinda, who has ruled Hindi cinema for three decades, has acted in about 185 films. Govinda said that at one time he was contracted to work in 70 films together. Of these, 8-10 films were automatically shut down. And due to lack of dates, he himself had given up four or five films.

Very few people know that Govinda was not only a good actor and dancer but also a great singer. Many times he has shown this skill. She sang in films like ‘Aankhe’, ‘Hasina Man Jayegi’ and ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’.

Govinda’s music album ‘Gori Tere Nayana’ was released in 2013. All four songs from his album were well received by the fans. Govinda was seriously injured in a car accident during the shooting of ‘Khuddar’. When the film crew found out, they asked to cancel the shooting.

But after seeing the doctor, Govinda reached the set at midnight and finished the scene. He proved Govinda’s devotion to work that day. This event will be immortalized as an example for all. The film ‘Khuddar’ was released in 1994. Karisma Kapoor was seen with Govinda in this film.

Govinda secretly married Sunita in 1986. At that time the graph of his career was going very high. She was worried that if the news of her marriage came out, she would stop getting work in films. So for many years he kept the news of his marriage a secret. But later, on the instructions of his mother, Govinda married Sunita according to the rules and regulations.

Besides film, he was also active in politics. He contested the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. Where he defeated the big BJP leader. But after the victory, he was no longer active in politics and left politics.

Yet Govinda regrets his decision to enter politics. Because of his involvement in politics, he gradually lost his job. He was even dropped from many films. Govinda thinks that if he had not entered politics, he would still be on screen today.

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