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From the point of view of Luke, Shashi Kapoor’s son will also beat Ranbir Kapoor, see the picture

There are many stars in this film industry who are very popular with people. One of them is the whole Kapoor family. Yes, if the name of the movie world comes then the name of Kapoor family cannot be taken away. Every generation of Kapoor family has been working in the world of cinema and is still very active. In a word, the entire Kapoor family is a pillar of the film industry. One of these family members is Shashi Kapoor who is well known in the movie world. But none of his sons made it to the industry.

It can be said that very few people knew Bollywood when Shashi Kapoor started his career. He has worked as a producer as well as an actor. He has gifted audiences with super hits as well as many educational films. Although he is not currently associated with work, he is very popular with people. But the thing to think is that none of his children have made an impact in this industry. Yes, these famous superstar kids are in today’s special report. Which is painful for Shashi Kapoor fans.

The famous superstar married English actress Jennifer Kendall in 1958. Where they have three children who are quite handsome in terms of Kapoor family. He has two sons named Kunal and Karan and a daughter named Sanjana. But surprisingly, her children are deprived of this industry. There are many star kids who have followed in their parents’ footsteps. Shashi children are an exception in that respect.

However, these superstar kids have not shown much interest in this industry. On the one hand, his second son Karan Kapoor, although he set foot in the Bollywood world, did not become so influential. There was a time when his father’s acting was very much liked by the fans. But in the case of his son, the sentiments of the fans are completely opposite. Karan Kapoor made his acting debut in the film ‘Junoon’ directed by Shyam Benegal. But the film flopped furiously at the box office and his performance became unpopular. Even after this he was seen in films like ‘Sultanat’ again, but there he failed miserably. His performance did not attract much fans. And he also joined the list of flop actors. But, she is ahead of the rest of the Kapoor family in terms of beauty.

Of course, he was not surprised as an actor, but he became very popular with people in other ways. For which this deed of today is well known to the people. He is currently a photographer. Yes, he is listed as one of the famous photographers. Karan Kapoor showed a film titled ‘Financial Year Time and Tide’ in Mumbai. And it will be exhibited in bigger cities like Ahmedabad and Delhi.

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