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From Bahubali to Magadhira, RRR these 12 blockbuster movies

SS Rajamouli, a very famous and well known director in the southern film industry in terms of film management, has made a strong name for himself today. Today, SS Rajamouli has created a special identity for itself with millions of Hindi language viewers as well as audiences from the southern film industry and around the world.

Speaking of SS Rajamouli, most of the films made under his direction have come out as superhits or blockbusters and this is why SS Rajamouli has achieved tremendous success and popularity today. Thus, through today’s post, we are going to tell you about some very successful and best films directed by SS Rajamouli, on the basis of which he has earned a lot of money and fame today.

Student no 1

Student number one and Simhadri

Student No. 1 was director SS Rajamouli’s first film, released in 2001. He also directed the second film, Singhadri, released in 2003. Southern film industry superstar junior NTRK has been seen in the lead role in these two films.

Sai or chatrapati

ঁ Sai Aur Chhatrapati.

The next two films involved in director SS Rajamouli’s career were Bhai and Chhatrapati, the first of which starred Sai Shashank and Chhatrapati Prabhas in the lead roles, and both proved to be superhits.



SS Rajamouli & # 39; s film Vikramakuddu, which was released in 2016, was a huge success and the film also grossed a lot at the box office. Following the success of this film, a remake of this film was made in Bollywood, which was named Rowdy Rathore.


Yamadonga and Magadhira.

Yamdonga, directed by SS Rajamouli, was released in 2007 and was a huge success. And then Rajamouli’s film Magadhira, released in 2009, was very popular in the southern film industry as well as abroad and it proved to be a blockbuster.


Mariyada Ramanna and Ego (Makshmi)

Mariyada Ramanna, released in 2010, was also directed by SS Rajamouli. And then in 2012, the film Ego (Makki) directed by Rajamouli was also released, which proved to be a blockbuster.


Arm strength and arm strength 2.

There is no doubt that Bahubali and Bahubali 2 have given a special identity to SS Rajamouli all over the world. While Bahubali was released in 2015, Bahubali 2 was released in 2018. And there is little need to talk about their success.



Also included in the list is RRR, the best film of SS Rajamouli released in 2022, which has grossed over Rs.1000 crore so far. And this film has broken many great records in the film world.

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