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From Akshay to Shah Rukh, these 7 Bollywood actors look old without makeup

There are many stars in the film industry who look very young on screen. But in reality the impression of their age has been seen. There are so many stars on the screen that they look very handsome and still look young. Because they cover a lot of their age with makeup. But in real life their age can be clearly guessed. Today I would like to introduce you to all the stars who look young in the world of cinema but in reality their age is clearly understood. I see all those actors on the movie screen somehow and in reality it is completely different.

1. Ajay Devgn: –
Ajay Devgn has gifted many pictures to the Bollywood industry. Besides being an actor, he is also a producer. This actor has done many films in all types of acting in his career. And his acting is very much liked by the fans. He is currently working on the film front. News has come out that the movie ‘Runway 34’ starring him is going to be released soon. But the thing is, he is still associated with the world of acting. The impression of his age on the screen is not understood at all but in real life age is clearly visible. Even so, his age is close to 50 years.

2. Shahrukh Khan (Shahruk khan): –
Shah Rukh Khan is a famous actor in the world of Bollywood. He has presented many hit films to the fans by acting, comedian and romantic. He has made a name for himself in the Bollywood world through his hit films. Fans also call him King Khan. King Khan is still working in films with his acting. Fans are eagerly waiting for this movie to be seen in ‘Pathan’ soon. But on the screen this King Khan looks very young and handsome. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. It looks like this King Khan on the TV screen but in reality it looks completely different from him.

3. Salman Khan (Salman khan): –
Salman Khan is a famous actor in Bollywood movies. He has been seen in many action and romantic films. On the TV screen, Salman Khan seems to be very young and handsome, but in reality, the impression of his age is obvious. Although he is still working on the film. He will soon be seen in the movie ‘Tiger Three’. The 56-year-old actor looks young and handsome on the TV screen through makeup.

4. Akshay Kumar (Akshay kumar): –
Actor Akshay Kumar is considered to be a Bollywood actor. He has gifted the audience with many hit films like three types of films namely action, comedian and romantic. Where he is still active for acting in films. News has surfaced that he will soon be seen in the movie ‘Double Excel’. But the fact is, watching this player on the TV screen doesn’t really make him look so handsome and young.

5. Amir khan: –
In the Bollywood world, Aamir Khan is considered as Mr. Perfectionist. Because the films he starred in were absolutely perfect and box-office shocking. Her body is very popular among fitness fans. Even though he is 54 years old, it is very difficult to guess his age by looking at the TV screen. She still looks young on the TV screen but in reality she is different there.

6. Rajinikanth: –
Rajinikanth is an actor and famous writer in the southern film industry. This superstar has a great name not only in the southern film industry but also in Bollywood. He has gifted many super hit pictures to the viewers. His acting career was such that the whole world was familiar with his name. Looking at the pictures of his performance, it seems that the actor looks like Rajinikanth but it is really Rajinikanth. The fact is that the look of the TV screen with makeup is very different from the real look. Although he is now much older.

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