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Fortunately, the stone that the woman wanted to throw in the garbage was the diamond worth Rs 20 crore.

It is said that, ‘Upar wala jab deta hai, chappar far ke deta hai’. It’s not just a movie dialogue, it’s a reality. It is also said that the one who is destined will get as much as he has written. But no one can say when, where, how, whose life will change. One such incident happened to a woman living in America.

According to a BBC report, a British woman named ‘Sahonaj’, who is between 60 and 70 years old. She bought a stone a few years ago to be considered as a costume jewelry for reading. The woman also bought the car with a car and several other items from Boost Sale. The woman, who once lived in Northumberland, decided to throw the stone into the trash.

Because, he wore it for a long time and he thought it was artificial. As the woman was about to throw the stone, a man next to her asked her to find out the value of the stone first. At first Shahnaz denied a lot but after hearing a lot of words Shahnaz went to a jewelery shop and then lost consciousness after hearing the price of this stone.

Speaking to the BBC, North Shields-based Fatenby’s auctioneers said: ‘She came to the store and brought her wedding ring with her. But he just wanted to know the value of this stone. ‘ He later learns that it is not a stone, it is a diamond. The value of which is about 20 crore rupees in Indian currency. Hopefully, because of this diamond, he will be able to spend the rest of his life very well.

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