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Find out how many crores of rupees Shivam Dubey owns

Every parent has a dream to have their children established in life. For this they spend all their earnings on Tuku child. Because, they want to see their child established with their own eyes. In today’s report, ‘Shivam dube’ is the Indian cricketer, whose father spent all his income on making him a cricketer. Let’s find out today about his life story property?

‘Shivam Dubey’ was born in 1993 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is currently an Indian cricketer and part of the Tata Indian Premier League (TATA IPL) Chennai Super Kings team. The young Kings batsman Shivam Dubey played a brilliant 95-run unbeaten innings against Royal Challengers Bangalore. His innings and current performance indicate that he is ready to play for India. Now he is doing well for the Chennai Super Kings team.

In the ongoing IPL mega auction, Chennai Super King franchise Shivam has allocated Rs 4 crore for Dubey. From the start of the game till now he has done good justice for the team. And the Kings have great confidence in him. Judging by the assets, his total assets so far are around Rs 22 crore.
Let me tell you, but his success did not come easily. He had to struggle a lot in life for this. However, he loved playing cricket since childhood. He first learned cricket from his father. As a child, he practiced cricket with his father.

Recently, he even thought about quitting the game due to his physical fitness and financial crisis. But his father was unhappy with the decision because he wanted to see his son as a cricketer. He then continued his efforts, and Shivam Dubey as well as his father worked hard for him. In the end, he succeeded in their endeavors and hard work.
He made his IPL debut in 2019, the biggest league in Indian cricket. According to him, his father is at the root of this success. Through this success, his father’s hard work has paid off.

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