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Fancy Zoo: People are kept in cages, wild tigers and lions roam freely.

Everybody wants to see wild animals from time to time. That is why almost every day many people flock to the zoo to see the dangerous wild animals trapped in cages. But today I will tell you about a zoo where wildlife is not kept in cages like the other five ordinary zoos. Instead, tourists who go to see those wild animals are kept in cages.

Surprising to hear, there is indeed such a zoo in Chongqing, China.
The name of this strange zoo is Lehe Ledu. The zoo was opened in 2015. Every year exciting tourists from home and abroad come to visit this zoo. They enjoy the wildlife. People from different countries come here.

The specialty of this zoo is that the wild animals roam around the open fair and those who come here have to see the animals in cages. In this way, tourists get a chance to see wildlife from afar. At the same time, the tourists eat the food of the animals with their own hands.

Although this thing is very exciting, many times the viewers have to face dangerous situations. This is because the animals often climb over the cages in search of food, where tourists are present. This zoo has some really scary creatures. However, the management of this zoo is to show the specialty in front of the whole world.

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