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Even before KGF2, these 6 movies of Yash have made a great income at the box office

There has been a lot of buzz around the film world recently about KGF2. The film was released on April 14 with a huge success, shaking the box office. There is a lot of praise for the movie. The film stars Southern superstar Yash in the lead role. In this film of Pan India label, Yash has got different identity and popularity.

However, before Yash’s KGF 2, there are 6 more superhit films, which proved to be huge hits at the box office. The topic of the report is related to those hit pictures of Yash.

KGF Chapter 1

‘KGF Chapter 1’, starring Yash, is a super hit movie released in 2016. It is known that the viewers liked this picture very much. And the film proved to be a big hit at the box office. Yash got more popularity from this picture. And Part 2 of this movie is making a lot of noise at the box office at the moment.


The hit movie ‘Drama’ starring Yash was released in 2012. People really liked the character of actor Yash in this movie. Not only that, this film made with a budget of only four crores earned 20 crores and more that year.


‘Rajabali’ is also a picture of actor Yash. This film was released in 2013. According to reports, this film of Yash also did great business at the box office. At that time, the film earned more than 30 crores at the box office.


Actor Yash’s performance in ‘Googly’ was appreciated by many. Actor Yash got a lot of popularity from this movie. It is known that this film also made a lot of noise at the box office.


The movie ‘Gajakeshari’ also proved to be a very good movie. This film played an important role in the life of actor Yash. The low-budget film grossed about Rs 30 crore at the box office.


The superhit movie ‘Masterpiece’ was released in 2015. This movie starring Yash also proved to be a very good movie at the box office. According to reports, the film grossed around Rs 35 crore at the box office.

Mr. & Mrs. Ramchari

At the box office, ‘Mr and Mrs Ramchari’ is known to be a huge hit. The film proved to be a milestone in actor Yash’s career. According to sources, the film was in theaters for more than 200 days. And the film grossed over Rs 50 crore.

Santu state forward

The movie ‘Santu Straight Forward’ was released in 2016. According to reports, the film also grossed a whopping Rs 30 crore at the box office.

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