eHarmony Review 2021: Lies or Results? Is a Legit Dating Site?

eHarmony Review 2021: Lies or Results? Is a Legit Dating Site?

You’ve probably heard of eHarmony at some point. It’s one of those popular dating sites and has been around for ages.

On their homepage eHarmony claims to have the most advanced match-making system, and be the best site for finding love.  This approach definitely makes them stand out from more casual dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.

But does it live up to the hype? Read on to see the results of my experience in this eharmony review.

eHarmony First Look:

👍  What We Like

  • Large member base
  • Nearly 50-50 gender split
  • Profiles are pretty detailed
  • Personality-compatibility matching system
  • Multiple marriage & success stories
  • Very few bots & fake profiles
  • Virtual video dates feature

👎  What We Don’t Like

  • Subscription plans are expensive
  • Search options are limited
  • 70-question sign-up process
  • Standard membership is limited
  • Not many communication methods

🎟️  Deals Available

Bottom Line

We found eharmony to be one of the most effective sites for finding long term and serious relationships.  Especially for those above age 30, the site has the largest number of members looking for love and who aren’t looking to play games. The main downside of eHarmony is the cost of a premium membership, which ranges from $40 to $20 a month depending on how many months you commit to.

Continue reading the in-depth eharmony review and results below.

Review of the Sign-Up Process at eHarmony

While registration is thorough at eHarmony, it seems to be for good reason potential dates need to know you before wanting an in-person date.

You can sign up using Facebook or your email address, but the subsequent steps will stay unaffected.

What makes eHarmony stand out from the pack is their extensive personality test, which you should complete honestly. It’ll determine the matches you get – so don’t tell any lies!

Originally, it was a set of 300 questions, which has since been revised to about 70. I mean, that’s still a lot of questions, but condensing an entire person down to 70 questions is no easy feat.

I digress.

The compatibility quiz aims to assess the key areas of your life. You’ll need to answer a given question before proceeding on to the next, which only ensures you stay organized throughout the whole thing.

Once you’re done registering, you can let the world see your best headshot on your profile. Then you’re free to roam your matches, flexing your digital dating prowess.

Who Are the Members on eHarmony Dating Site?

eHarmony boasts 29 million members from the US alone, and 16 million of this crew is active every week. That’s a pretty gigantic figure to not want to be a part of. Overall, the current membership sits at 29 million globally, comprising over 22 nations.

Note, members mostly sit in the 25 to 34 (and 35 to 44) age range. What does that mean? It means most members are in the age bracket of settling down with a marriage-minded partner. And they’re likely ready for marriage.

The vast majority of the people here are also educated with stable lifestyles. You’re unlikely to bump into a gold digger, which gives eHarmony an edge over several online dating sites.

The gender split is near proportional, with the male members exceeding their female counterparts by only 6%. It seems that there’s someone for everyone on this site, so you don’t have to fight over a match.

Member Profiles at eHarmony: What Do They Show?

Remember the detailed personality quiz you completed during sign-up? That information is reflected on your profile, and potential dates can see it. By the way, it’s only your matches that can access your profile, and vice versa.

Your personality profile also features your preferences, an “About me” area, and a compatibility tab a character-trait tab that shows the compatibility level of your matches’ values with yours.

Some of the characteristics you’ll find on this tab include intellect, romance, accommodation, social values, etc. The tab boasts a total of 15 characteristics.

Another area you’ll see on your eHarmony profile is a Q&A area, which isn’t a required field. It’s a list of random questions you can opt to answer or not.

We recommend that you answer these. It’s only then that you can see your matches’ answers to similar questions and gauge whether or not you both agree on something.

Note, if you’re a standard member, you won’t be able to see your matches’ photos (on their profile pages), something that’s reserved for the premium members.

Nevertheless, you can update your personality-profile sections whenever. 

eHarmony Dating App

The eHarmony dating app is pretty handy if you’re a single on the go. It’s available for both Android and iOS users, and you can download it free of charge.

Unlike other apps, this dating app includes all of the features available on the desktop version. That’s just so you don’t miss any of eHarmony’s features while browsing the site on the go.

This app is also one of the easiest-to-navigate dating apps, which is nice if you’re super into apps and technology. You’ll bump into minimal ads while using the app, too, which is a plus if you hate pop-ups.

Reaching Out and Dating on eHarmony

There’s a reason that you can’t search for people at eHarmony – the dating site does the heavy lifting for you thanks to its matching algorithm. They ensure you get daily compatible matches, based on your interests and preferences.

If you subscribe to any of their plans, though, your matches will include users outside of your compatibility area and those in your location.

Moreover, you can access the site’s basic search filter. It lets you narrow down your (site-proposed) matches based on age and, if you’re a premium user, location.

If you don’t find a match from a given day’s list of proposed persons, you’ll have to wait for an updated match list the following day, or subsequent days. 

Once you’ve gotten your matches, you can contact them. But here’s the kicker, it’s only the premium users that can access fully the contacting features, including sending and replying to messages.

If you’re a standard member, the most you can do is send your potential dates some five “favorite” questions, which are site-generated. Or, you can send winks and add people to your favorites’ list.

Note, save for your matches, proposed by the site, you can’t see other active users’ profiles, or of those who’re online.

How Much Do eHarmony Services Cost?

eHarmony is one of the most expensive online dating sites. While that’s off putting for some people, it means that people using this site are pretty serious about finding love because they’re willing to pay for it!

Don’t let the price put you off.

Note, you can also opt for a free membership on this site. However, you’ll experience limited functionality. While you’ll be able to register, send winks, add people to your favorites’ list, etc., you’ll not be able to read or reply to any messages.

Premium members, on the other hand, have a whole load of features to exploit. This includes unlimited messaging and viewing photos.

Now, let’s explore the various pricing plans. These are three: Lite, Plus, and Extra, all of which require a longer commitment.

The cheapest of these is Extra, and it’s priced at $25.90 for 24 months. Alternatively, you can opt for a $1.08 subscription per month.

Next is Plus, which is charged $35.90 every 12 months for. Or, you can pay $2.99 per month.

The most expensive package is Lite, which sits at $59.90 for six months. If you want, you can subscribe for $9.98 per month.

If you’re lucky to bump into some coupons online, you can get a discount.

Also, because eHarmony is secure enough, so are the payments. Therefore, your information is unlikely to be seen by third parties.

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Special Features on eHarmony

Send a Smile

You can initiate contact with a match you like by sending them a smile. The “Send a smile” feature sits under each one of the profile photos in your matches’ section. When you click the smiley icon here, a smile will be sent to the recipient.

Send Questions

You can also send your matches automated questions, and the potential dates can choose to answer these or not. Still, it’s a way to initiate dialogue – or keep it going. This feature also comes in handy if you’re a standard member and can’t send (or reply to) messages.

Add to Favorites

This is a common feature on most dating sites, and eHarmony is no exception. Simply click the star icon on your matches’ profile pages to add them to your favorites’ list. It’s also a great way to narrow down possible dates to those you like.

What If

Did you know you can get matches outside of your preference list? Yes, thanks to the “What If” feature. While it’s a paid feature, it helps give extra potential matches.

Video Date

How about getting to know someone, who’s into a serious relationship, at the comfort of your home? eHarmony makes it possible with this feature. It’s a paid feature, but it lets you meet other people via video.

Other Reviews on eHarmony

In an effort to make this review as detailed as possible, for you, we scoured the web for real customer experiences at eHarmony.

Here are some screenshots (snippets) about what real users are saying:



Alternatives to eHarmony Dating Site

In this eHarmony review, we’ve found that the dating site ticks most of the right boxes when it comes to online dating. However, it might not be for everyone. So, we’ve included the alternatives below for you, just in case.

1. SilverSingles – A Dating Site for Over 50 Crowd

If you’re seeking a platform like eHarmony, but one that’s geared toward the older citizens, then SilverSingles could do the trick.

As one of the best dating sites for seniors over 50, it’s a good place to find a long-term relationship, the vast majority of the people here are either widowed or divorced and are seeking a second chance at love.

Like eHarmony, SilverSingles is secure and is available in more than 20 nations. They boast a nice gender balance, with the female users exceeding their male counterparts by only 11% 

Their compatibility system is also based on members’ personalities, which is a plus. And the dating site boasts a friendly user interface so the senior people browse it hassle-free.

2. AdultFriendFinder

For those who’re not into serious relationships (that’s okay!), you might want to look no further than AdultFriendFinder.

Their community couldn’t be more sexually active, and they don’t shy away from sharing erotic media. It’s perfect for swingers and singles just looking for naughty fun!

And because the user base is large enough, you’ve got a vast hunting ground for flings, booty calls, and more.

Another plus is you have access to various contact modes you can choose whichever one you prefer. That’s unlike eHarmony that focuses mostly on the “messaging” feature.

As if it’s not enough, AdultFriendFinder lets you access their blogs and groups free of charge. You won’t be charged a penny for leaving comments, too.

3. Christian Mingle – Best Site for Christian Dating

While eHarmony lets you search for people who identify as Christian, if you’d rather use a dating site that’s exclusive to Christians, you might want to go with Christian Mingle.

This site receives a ton of Christian traffic monthly, enlarging your Christian dating pool to boost your chances of finding a match.

Like with eHarmony, you get compatible matches here, based on your interests. The site also employs a strict verification process on each one of the user profiles, just so you hardly run into bots.

And yes, a free membership is available at Christian Mingle like most other Christian dating sites. Although, it’s limited, like with eHarmony. You’ll need to be a paid subscriber to enjoy the platform’s functionality fully.

FAQs About eHarmony Dating Site

What Payment Methods Does eHarmony Accept?

While this dating site doesn’t accommodate most payment types, they accept two of the major ones: Paypal and credit card. So, before you opt to upgrade to a premium account, ensure you can pay via these methods.

Credit cards and debit cards go hand in hand. So, don’t shy away from using your debit card just because you don’t have a credit card.

If you opt to transact via your credit/debit card, the name “eHarmony” will reflect on your credit/debit card statement. Make sure to check!

How Does eHarmony Customer Service Compare to Other Dating Sites?

Most leading dating sites have customer service available, and eHarmony is no exception. Their customer desk is open 24 hours a day, just so you don’t get stuck whenever you want more information about something or need a few questions answered. 

You can choose from eHarmony’s various communication modes to contact them. This includes phone, live chat, and email. Pick what works for you!

Is It Worth Paying for eHarmony?

Considering that the platform’s success rate speaks for itself, we would say that eHarmony gives you value for the money.

In other words, you’re likely to find a perfect match on the dating site, even if it takes a while. This is fuelled by the near-proportional gender split, among other factors, which limits your chances of having to compete over someone. 

How Successful Is eHarmony?

Well, eHarmony is successful enough to offer its services in more than 200 countries. Also, you’ve probably already heard of it, which is a sign that it’s doing pretty well.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we’d give eHarmony 8 as far as the success rate goes. Thousands of couples have shared their stories with the dating company, mostly recommending the site for making them tie the knot.

And, did you know eHarmony is responsible for over 500 marriages a day, in the US alone? This translates to 20 per minute, approximately. This probably explains the high price tag the dating company boasts.

eharmony Data and Results Reviewed

Okay, so why should you even register at eHarmony at all?

  • The large user base makes for a large dating pool, nationally and internationally, so you can cast your nets wider hassle-free
  • Detailed profile pages mean you get to assess your matches before going all-in
  • Security features make it unlikely you’ll be bothered by bots or fake profiles
  • The numerous success stories on the site inspire you to keep trying
  • There’s a specific section for seniors, so older people can try online dating that is catered to their needs

So, Is eHarmony Worth the Hype?

Despite the few caveats we’ve stated in this review, eHarmony could be the reason you end up walking down the aisle.

Yes, you might be unable to view all the user-profiles, but it’s just that eHarmony has got a better (matching) system in place to tackle that. It lets you view the users who’re compatible with you. And while you can communicate with potential dates via messaging only, they’re likely going to reply. 

That’s what compatibility can do!

If you’re still skeptical, we get it, but you might want to explore eHarmony’s success stories, which speak for themselves.

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eHarmony Review: We Tested to See How Well it Works