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Dream 11 won a prize of 2 crore by investing only 59 rupees

Nowadays IPL has become so popular in the country that people of all ages from children to teenagers enjoy matches on TV. In this situation, many types of mobile apps including Dream 11 have been launched in the country to increase the thrill of IPL. So that the spectators can make a lot of money by building their cricket team. In fact, through this app, the spectators have to form a team during the match.

So they have to invest some money from their pockets. It is a kind of official bet, so that if a person has good luck, he can get rich overnight. Something similar happened to a man from Bihar who won crores of rupees by betting.
He has earned 59 crore rupees by investing money.

Ramesh Kumar, who lives in Bihar’s Saran district, formed a team in Dream 11 during the IPL. Due to which his fortune changed overnight and Ramesh became the owner of crores of rupees. Ramesh Kumar is a driver by profession who drives a car. Ramesh has been building his cricket team on the Dream 11 app for many years.

Although at this time he did not receive any significant amount. In such a situation, when there was a match between Punjab Kings and Lucknow Super Giants on Tuesday, Ramesh Kagiso gave money to Rabada and Shikhar Dhawan. In his cricket team, Ramesh Rabada was made the captain and Shikhar Dhawan the co-captain.

Rabada took 3 wickets in this match and Shikhar Dhawan won the match by playing a great innings. In this way, the Dream 11 team created by Ramesh got the number one position in the whole country, due to which Ramesh got a profit of crores of rupees. Shortly after the match between Lucknow and Punjab, Ramesh Kumar received a message that he had won a prize of Rs 2 crore.

After deducting the amount of tax, he will get 1 crore 40 lakh rupees. Ramesh formed his team in Dream11 by investing only Rs 59, due to which he got Rs 2 crore today.

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